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Georges Davrou

Georges Davrou1999 – 2008
Promoted to the level of Regional Director of the French Customs Organization. Seconded to the World Customs Organization as Chief of Staff to the Secretary-General.

The World Customs Organization (OMD) is a global structure comprising 173 member states, which was the objective of improving the efficiency of national customs organizations by means of improved communication and interchange, coordinated action against all types of cross-border crime, and reinforcing the security and integrity of logistic information channels.

The Secretary General is elected by the member states for 5 years, and the Chief of Staff is selected by him and is his closest associate. The Chief of Staff’s responsibilities include :

  • Preparing the OMD strategic plan
  • Overseeing the implementation of the strategic plan by the OMD departments
  • Organising meetings of the various elements of the OMD management structure (committee of Customs Directors-General, general policy committee, finance committee, audit committee, etc.)
  • Arbitrating differences and conflicts through close contact with the Customs Directors-General
  • Ensuring smooth dissemination of information between the Secretary General and the OMD organization, and vice-versa
  • Informing, advising, and counseling the Secretary General
  • Preparing budgets and their maintenance
  • Undertaking frequent contact with the principal members of the OMD
  • Managing the public relations function for the organization
  • Recruiting suitable personnel for the Secretary-General’s office

1992 – 1998
Seconded to the Council for Customs Cooperation (CCD) with particular responsibility for all activities pertaining to the fight against international fraud.

  • Managing standards and common technologies for facilitating international information exchange
  • Harmonizing and standardizing customs anti-fraud techniques from more than 170 countries by means of having them adopted as OMD standard protocols
  • Developing and implementing an assessment and risk management policy, oriented towards emerging and underdeveloped nation states
  • Constructing and managing databases to facilitate the interchange and analysis of information between customs organizations
  • Preparing protocols of agreement between the CCD and its major organizational counterparts
  • Setting up partnerships between Customs and the private sector, which have led to the BASC procedures and, more recently, the CTPACT concept in the fight against terrorism

1987 – 1991
Customs Attaché to the French Embassy in Washington DC, responsible for North America, Canada, + Mexico.

  • Participation in international customs investigations regarding the illegal trafficking of drugs and money-laundering
  • Representing the French Customs on the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and the Chemical Action Task Force (CATF)
  • Participating in meetings of major international organisms (United Nations, OIPC Interpol, etc.)
  • Undertaking initial studies for French legislation against money-laundering
  • Information exchange on all types of cross-border crime (declarations of origin / intellectual property rights / customs inspections)
  • Assisting French exporters in all matters relating to their Customs clearances in the North American region

1985 – 1986
Deputy Director in the French Customs, responsible for pursuing customs cases at the judicial level

  • Routine contact with the Judiciary and other mechanisms responsible for combatting major criminal acts
  • Knowledge of civil and penal judicial structures
  • Fiscal prosecutor for the French Customs in court hearings

1978 – 1984
Senior Customs Inspector. Customs Attaché to the French Embassy in London, with responsibility for the UK, Eire, and the Channel Islands

  • Development of close contacts with the network of representatives from Commonwealth countries
  • Research, analysis, and exchange of information with other customs organizations under the standard norms of cooperation
  • Particular focus on major crime (smuggling of drugs, tobacco, and alcohol)
  • Also focus on anti-EEC fraud (Common Agricultural Policy, declarations of origin and value)
  • Advising and alerting the French Ambassador on all matters of Customs policy and regulations
  • Assisting French exporters in all matters relating to their Customs clearances and investments in the UK / Eire region

1969 – 1977
Customs Inspector in the French National Department of Customs Investigations (DNED)
Handling of major issues ranging from smuggling for money-laundering:

  • Analysis of fraud methods
  • Legal training of Customs inspectors
  • Handling of sensitive cases for the Customs administration
  • Presentation of Customs cases in the Courts of Justice