Why Participate as a Sponsor?

The International Summit on Borders will bring together global leaders focused on the intersection of international trade and travel with homeland security and other transnational threats – promoting a convergence of information, education and dialogue.

The internationally-focused conference – the only one of its kind in the U.S. – will address topics and issues that identify, discuss and evaluate best practices for effective border control at land and maritime borders and ports of entry.

As a sponsor of International Summit on Borders, your company executives will have the opportunity to present product and service capabilities, network and build business relationships with foreign delegations of customs, immigration and border officials who spend over $100 Billion annually on products, systems, services and supplies:

• Law enforcement agencies responsible for the safe and efficient operations of their ports of entry
• Senior officials responsible for securing their borders at and in between their ports of entry
• Government officials, international delegates and participants who oversee trillions of dollars of international trade
• Government officials responsible for purchasing cutting-edge technologies, products and services to promote international trade and travel and advance their national security missions

Whether your company is looking to expand internationally or already has a presence, the International Summit on Borders is an exclusive and unique opportunity to cultivate and advance your strategic objectives.

Only a limited number of sponsors and supporters will have access to this network of decision-makers!

Tom Mapes, Sales Director | tom.mapes@clarionevents.com | +1 203.491.2400

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